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Skin Checks

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. It is vitally important to have regular skin checks and become familiar with your skin type. Prevention and early detection is essential.

We encourage a yearly skin check in adults. We offer full skin checks as well minor excisions of any suspicious skin lesions. 

Several of our doctors have undertaken further post-graduate training to ensure detailed screening of patients for potential skin cancers.  

If there are any suspicious skin lesions you may be worried about, please enquire with out reception team to be booked in with the best team member to help you further. 

When should I worry about skin cancer?
It is vitally important that people learn to recognise what their normal skin looks like.  Here is a good guide from the Cancer Council in Australia.  We encourage you to educate yourself about self checking.


What can I do to prevent Skin Cancer?
We encourage all patients to be sun smart regardless of age.  Remember to “Slip – Slap – Slop” and “Stay in the Shade”!

  • SLIP on clothing and a hat to cover as much skin as possible

  • SLAP on a broad brimmed hat and sun-shades (remember your eyes can suffer from UV damage also). Wearing a hat and sun-shades can reduce this exposure by up to 98%.  The sun exposed areas of skin on your head, face , nose, ears are also susceptible to skin cancer! 

  • SLOP on SPF-30 or higher Sun screen (preferably water resistant) whenever going outdoors.


For more information, please head to Cancer Council Australia.

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